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Our mission in 2024 is to see 1,000 leaders build back stronger

We will help you get where you want to go as an expert in your business or organisation, without losing your humanity. 

We will help you establish a successful business/organisation, via private conversations about the stuff you feel you SHOULD know and the stuff you DO know but feel unable to discuss... the good, the bad, the ugly, the frustrating, and embarrassing.... as well as the triumphant and celebratory. The fear and intimidation in business from a culture of increased regulation, worker pressure, and demands from others is palpable ‚Äď it's so bad we can feel there is no room to discuss the problems for fear of being cancelled.¬†This is made worse by the bureaucracy and red tape we need to jump through.

That's why every Thursday afternoon in the Courageous Leaders forum is "BS Thursdays" where we discuss how to get around the nearly impossible blockades erected by well-meaning but clueless bureaucrats and the pressure of being a business owner or leader...

This is the place where passionate men and women do what we love on our own terms and provide meaningful outcomes for our clients as we perform the world's hardest and most valuable work - making the world of business more human.

Hi, I am Matt Goddard the MD of Thirty-Six Twenty-Six and here is a bit of my story . . .

For over 30 years I have supported big businesses navigate change, find innovative ways to reduce costs, and be strategically better-off than when they started.  Having worked as a managing consultant for system integrators I noticed how managers would be timid about savings, avoid difficult conversations, and keep their heads down.

I want to use my understanding of business, leadership, and psychology to help 1,000 leaders build back stronger in 2024.

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