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Reuben's Case Study

About Reuben Digital

Reuben Digital specialise in swiftly solving your unique and complex digital problems through technology-driven solutions.  If you need to connect data, processes, and customers to unlock efficiencies and create new revenue streams whilst driving sustainable growth Reuben Digital can help you.

The Challenge

This small but powerful business needed to return to growth after a period of instability, delivering on-time solutions for all business stakeholders, and reach 7-figure revenues whilst winning new brands.

The Solution

The values of Thirty-Six Twenty-Six strongly aligned with Reuben Digital’s approach to business, so we were invited to support their return to resilience and on to growth.

Although this digital agency has quietly built its reputation by delivering innovative digital back-end solutions to UK brands over the last 20+ years, in 2018 the business needed to change the way it worked to facilitate its growth and leverage its low-carbon ambition.

The business owner/founder looking for inspiration met our Managing Director at a local business event.  After initial discussions, we were invited to work with them and their team to re-position business operations and reinvigorate belief in their capacity to reach 7-figure revenues, supporting a low-carbon, human-centric ambition.

Delivery and outcomes

Since our initial engagement we have continued to work with the business to explore new thinking models, develop individual personal grounding, and re-imagine the business from a position of financial resilience.

The openness of the business owner has inspired us to continue to work with them and explore deeper and more powerful approaches to commercial modelling.  These include value-based pricing, LEAN approaches, and programme management, alongside mind, thought, and consciousness to support clear thinking and decision making,

Since working with Thirty-Six Twenty-Six, the business has enjoyed 4 years of double-digit growth and is now positioned as a resilient business with a strong order book, a development plan, and the team has grown by c.40%.  With increase in profits there are fresh opportunities to explore.

System development and implementation services

Thirty-Six Twenty-Six Limited is a full-service consulting practice offering executive development, diagnostics, solution identification, experimentation, implementation, and training with a focus on Humanity in Business

Harnhill's Case Study

About The Harnhill Centre

The Harnhill Centre was founded in 1985 by Canon Arthur Dodds, whose vision was the establishment of a centre for healing aligned to the Christian faith.

The Centre has grown and developed since it was established with the numbers visiting the centre drawn by the belief in the emotional, physical, and spiritual healing facilitated through prayer, rest, and refreshment.  As the centre has grown, so has its need for resilient systems to enable its operations.

The Challenge

To manage centre bookings for their accommodation and prayer services the centre used an MS Access database. This was no longer fit for purpose suffering repeated failings that necessitated the database being rebuilt. Data needed to be migrated to a modern CRM solution, offering hospitality booking, prayer booking, and registration of supporters and volunteers, in accordance with GDPR and the Volunteering scheme within England and Wales.

The Solution

Whilst working at the Harnhill Centre supporting administration services, our Managing Director was asked to support the implementation of the CRM system alongside a lead trustee. The system had been procured by the charity with a simple data migration undertaken by a 3rd party contractor. The implementation included data cleansing, business requirement definition, object and record creation, GUI development, report writing, and user training. The system procured was Salesforce through their Not-For-Profit offering.

Smooth delivery

Working with the existing team to document the needs of the users to record information, we developed the database front-end, cleansed the migrated data, wrote operational reports, and delivered user training to enable the system to be used across the charity. Working with the centre director we agreed a staged delivery of the solution, affording users the opportunity to familiarise themselves with core system functionality before moving on to additional functionality and capabilities not offered by the MS Access database.

Over a 12-month period the system was successfully rolled out to the operational team, with additional enhancements being requested and deployed as required.

The system is now well established within the charity and delivering benefits to the organisation that will see it into the future.

System development and implementation services

Thirty-Six Twenty-Six Limited is a full-service consulting practice offering diagnostic, business requirement definition, solution identification, experimentation, implementation, and training.

We have worked with Not-for-profit, SMEs, and Public Sector organisations.  We deliver accredited training, executive coaching, and operational system reviews.