Work with me to accelerate your career and take ownership of how you spend your days 

Career accelerator

£2,600 +VAT (£2,755 USD)

The career accelerator begins with you completing an initial diagnostic and sending this to me prior to our meeting.  We will review you submission over a 2-hour call working through the 4-elements of the W.O R.K methodology.

After the call, your will be invited to work on your career story, understanding who you need to pitch to, your career dependencies, and the capacity of your chosen organisations to deliver the reward you are aspiring to.  You will leave this call with clarity about your next career moves, how this aligns with your career story, and know the value you can and must add to achieve your aspiration.

Once submitted we will review your career story on further 1-hour call, agree your next steps, and how to position your story to attract the best possible outcome.

Beyond this there are further in-program offers available to highlight your unique skills, and develop your personal marketing plan.

If you would like to explore this further email [email protected]

Full Production Career Video Shoot

Starts at £9,997 +VAT (USD $10,000)

Looking for something to lift you into the career stratosphere.  We take care of a full production career video shoot from pre-production topic development, shoot, edit, and post-production work to lift you off the screen into your career universe.

For an example, visit our shoot for Dr Nic Pillow.

If you would like to explore this further email [email protected]